Space Race (Individual)

Space Race (Individual)

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Start your own space exploration program with these four assorted cakes

Hubble - Red brocade comets, whistling to crackle, red & blue with silver crackle.
Voyager - A deep space show of silver chrysanthemums with red and blue stars.
Opportunity - Red brocade comet, silver fish with red glitter, green glitter with purple, and brocade with crackle.
ISS - Brocade with blue stars and silver glitter, brocade with silver chrysanthemum.

Why Captain jim's fireworks?


You read the headline correctly. If for any reason the firework turns out to be a dud just bring it in for a replacement.  It is that simple.  With the No Dud Guarantee, why would you go any place else?


For real, we are legit for all the right reasons. We are not a pop up tent sale that will disappear for needed service.  Our prices are hands down better than any around, and our staff does this for a living not a month.  All of our staff is trained and able to help plan great shows for any budget.