Tropic Thunder
Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder

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This color changing cake has all the colors of the tropics! Red tail to yellow to red plus white glitter. Red tail to blue to red plus white glitter. Red tail to green to red plus white glitter. Burst starts with one color then instantly changes to another color before your very eyes! 9 shots

Why Captain jim's fireworks?


You read the headline correctly. If for any reason the firework turns out to be a dud just bring it in for a replacement.  It is that simple.  With the No Dud Guarantee, why would you go any place else?


For real, we are legit for all the right reasons. We are not a pop up tent sale that will disappear for needed service.  Our prices are hands down better than any around, and our staff does this for a living not a month.  All of our staff is trained and able to help plan great shows for any budget.